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Our energy scalable battery modules are available in a wide range of configurations and offer the design flexibility needed by customers seeking to integrate their own battery systems. Multiple pouch cell formats are offered in robust module designs that reduce pack development and validation time to meet the specialized requirements of low voltage hybrid vehicle applications.



for Many Applications
Cell Balancing

Cell Balancing

for Extended Life
Liquid Cooling

Liquid Cooling


Available with Integrated Electronics

Built-in electronics for cell balancing and condition monitoring provide a digital interface to the battery management system responsible for controlling all system operation. The communication network between modules can accommodate as many as 24 modules in a single system.

Product Specifications

Tab Type Same Side Tabs Opposed Side Tabs
Cell Capacity 26Ah 37Ah
Configurations 22S3P 12S1P, 6S2P, 4S3P
External Dimensions (mm) 242 x 165 x 592 355 x 151 x 108
Thermal management Bottom or Side, Cold Plate Bottom, Cold Plate
Mass (kg) 42.4 10.4

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